DeScale7 – A Safe, Effective Descaling Alternative

About DeScale7 

With today’s focus on environmental responsibility, companies are searching for safe yet effective alternatives for dissolving deposits in water operated equipment.

That’s why we formulated DeScale7, a concentrated solution that safely cuts through calcium, lime, rust, mud, and other deposits that rob efficiency. Here are the facts that set this product apart:


  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-fuming 
  • Non-regulated, no elaborate PPE requirements


  • Dissolves up to 4 lbs. scale per gallon 
  • Fastest acting descale product available
  • Attacks all known scale deposits
  • Non-corrosive, can be used on most metals (see below)


  • No stirring required 
  • Does not aggressively attack skin
  • Can be used without dismantling equipment   
  • Once neutralized, can be flushed to sewers


  • Highly concentrated solution 
  • Restores equipment efficiency 
  • Repeated use will not harm equipment 
  • No hazmat fees, reduces freight costs

Manufactured by Greenway Products Inc.