DeScale7 – A Safe, Effective Descaling Alternative

The 7 Advantages of DeScale7

  1. No need to dismantle equipment
  2. Does not harm personnel or equipment
  3. Reduces plant downtime
  4. Environmentally safe
  5. Biodegradable
  6. Saves time and money
  7. Rinses freely with water

Why choose DeScale7 over other products?                                                     DeScale7 is superior to traditional descalers in 7 important ways:

 DeScale7 Traditional Descalers
 Contains organic salts Contain acid
 Very safe to use Unsafe
 Non-fuming Emit toxic fumes
 Non-hazardous Create hazardous waste
 Non-Corrosive on most metals Corrosive
 No special handling required Require special labeling, shipping, & handling
 Performance equals or surpasses traditional products Satisfactory performance